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Starting a crowdtest or a virtual machine is really easy on our Nest. You just need to follow some basic steps and you are on your way to increase the quality of your digital product. Our services are flexible and can adapt to your needs. In case you don't find the right answer or option right away, our support team can help you. In some cases you might get forwarded to our account managers or project managers to make sure we find the perfect solution for your testing requirements.





Step 1: Buy BirdCoins

Step 2: Select a crowdtest service from our Quality Assurance, Usability and UX or Testbirds Exclusive portfolio

Step 3: Start the test yourself or request support from us

Step 4: Manage the test yourself or just wait for the results to be send to you from us

Step 5: Bug tests: export bugs to your issue tracking tool like JIRA and Redmine

Device Cloud

All Device Cloud services

Step 1: Before you can start your manual or automated tests you need a Device Cloud package. You have two options to get started:

Option 1: Sign up for our 7-day free trial and test on all devices.

Option 2: Buy a package


As soon as you have a package you can start your manual or automated test. Jump right into technical instructions:


Step 2: Create and start a virtual or emulated test environment with TestChameleon™

Step 3: Test your product manually or automatically with your virtual environment


Global Real Device Network 

Step 2: Connect to a real device from our crowd testers

Step 3: Test your product manually on this real device

» Go to technical documentation of TestChameleon™



More features

Teams: Manage your colleagues and external partners on our platform to make your crowdtest of virtual environment available to them

Settings: Change your personal data


More services

BirdFlight - App distribution

Step 1: Sign up or login

Step 2: Create a app

Step 3: Upload a build to your created app

Step 4: Distribute your app via a public link, QR code or to your team

Optional - add our SDK to your Android or iOS app

» Go to BirdFlight™ website and view technical documentation when logged in

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