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General Questions

Is TestChameleon secure?

TestChameleon provides a secure environment. Every connection is encrypted, not recorded or traceable.

What is a virtual machine?

A virtual machine is like a normal machine except it is simulated on another machine. You can do everything on your machine what you could do on a physical one.

I cannot generate the machine with the browser I want

We are aware that some combinations won’t work. As an example a Windows 8 machine is not able to run older versions of Internet Explorer. Please try another combination or contact our support.

What happens when I click the stop button?

The machine you used gets recycled. On the dashboard you can see all stopped machines. To restart a machine you have configured before just press the restart-button.

I cannot see the machine. I have an error like “Security Exception”

You can use an external viewer like tightvnc.

Or use Web VNC:

Click on the “Web VNC”-tab.


How can I install an iOS app? 

Because of limitations from Apple it is not possible to execute .ipa files on simulators, because they are built on different architectures. But we make it possible to install developer builds. To do that please follow these steps:


  1. Start a new Build in XCode, wait until it finished

  2. Zip all files inside the build folder (important: don’t zip the .app folder but the files inside):

    cd ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/{APP_NAME}/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/{APP}.app
    zip -r ~/ *
  3. Upload the file using the web frontend (Drag & Drop or Upload button)

  4. Wait for the upload and installation (note that your app might appear on the second homescreen, please swipe to the other pages and take a look there)

Visual Studio

  1. Start a Debug build (the same you would do to test locally on a Simulator)
  2. Zip all files inside the build folder (important: don't zip the .app folder but the files inside):
    cd $PROJECTDIR/bin/iPhoneSimulator/Debug/device-builds/iphone*/*.app
    zip -r ~/ *
  3. Upload the file using the web frontend (Drag & Drop or Upload button)

  4. Wait for the upload and installation (note that your app might appear on the second homescreen, please swipe to the other pages and take a look there)


How can I install an Android app?

That's easy: just upload an .apk file by dragging it into the Android vm in your browser (or use the Upload button). And wait until it's installed - done!


Is it possible to debug a mobile Safari on iOS?

Yes! Please follow these steps:

  1. Open the page in the Safari of the mobile device.
  2. Switch to the host system by clicking the apple in the top left corner and open the MAC Safari.
  3. Go to Preferences > Advanced > Show develop menu in menu bar.

Now it's possible to debug the mobile page.


I cant upload my file to the vm

Files uploads are limited to 500MB. As well to .apk files on Android and .app files on iPhones.

How do I change my keyboard Layout

To change the keyboard layout you can set the preferred language in the menu in the top right corner. This is then set as the default language for every new generated machine.

I cant reboot, restart, suspend my VM

This feature is only available for desktop environments.

I cant use clipboard sharing

Make sure that "synchronize keyboard" is turned on in the option bar on the vm view. It is supported on all Windows and Macs.


TestChameleon - API (Automated Testing)


Which Java version is supported?

Our Test-API from version rc17 supports Java 6. Using Java 7 is encouraged as Oracle does not officially support Java 6 anymore.

I cannot load a package from the .api?

Make sure maven loads all dependencies. As an example the testcase-api should download our normal api which then downloads jackson XML.

I am getting a “VmNeverReadyException”. What does this mean?

This exception is thrown when a VM never reaches the “software-installed”-state. After 10 minutes of trying to establish a connection to our main host this exception will occur. As this failure is tracked you can either choose to invoke another VM with the same configuration or continue with the next combination.

Why do some combinations not work?

There are limitations to Windows and IE combinations. Please refer to the original Microsoft documentation.

Why are there problems executing selenium commands with Internet Explorer 11?

The implementation of the webdriver in IE is currently not fully functional. Some commands cannot be executed. Please follow the official documentation.

Do I have to load drivers for Selenium?

Yes. Currently only Firefox and Safari have out-of-the-box drivers.

If you wan to execute a test on Chrome you have to integrate a package called “selenium-chrome-driver”. Please look at the official chromedriver documentation to see which driver fits your needs.

Internet Explorer has only 1 version in our system(the newest one). You can just use “1.0” as an identifier since we don’t want you to update your version of the code all the time. This will always use the newest version of the ie-driver.


How can I get my credentials to use TestChameleon? 

Please use the official signup on


I am missing a software-version. What can I do?

Sometimes a particular software-version isn’t uploaded. Contact our support and we will fix it.

I need a specific software to execute my tests. Do you have this software?

We can help you with that. Please contact our support.

How can I see which software for which os is available?


for (OS os : sc.getAvailableOSVersions()) {
    for (SoftwarePackage swPackage : sc.getAvailableSoftwarePackages(os)) {
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